Knuckling Down

just done gunning to get closer to some imagined bliss

Backwards Girl
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This Journal is Friends-Only.

Well, just the emo stuff that no one wants to read, anyway.

Some people just have a problem with me being a tactless drama queen.

Officially: What lays beyond the gateway? Occasional rants, fandom drivel and a whole helluva lot of randomness. Count on the randomness. Between being a full-time college student and full-time employee, I don't have much time for concrete analysis of anything. That includes homework.

Personal: I never sleep and I live off of coffee and nicotine. That probably doesn't make me the calmest person in the world. I apparently appear a lot more odd to other people than I appear to myself. Kinda scares me, since I think I'm pretty damned odd. I'm the oldest out of four kids and, yet, I'm more spoiled than the baby of the family. Hence the drama queen status. I'm Irish, i.e., very stubborn, and I never apologize for anything. I will, however, try to buy back your love with many expensive gifts. I believe self-destructing is an art-form. Somewhere, I have my own gallery.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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